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The text below is one of the notes from the StoneDrop development log. If you want a list of only technical articles you can go to the Articles page.
Build a38

It was a long time since the last progress report. Here is a short one for last one and a half months:

1. In the beginning of August I've ran out of money and began to work on a regular work thus the time I can devote to the project reduced dramatically. It will negatively affect the frequency and verbosity of the articles.

2. I've developed a more consistent and complete vision about the project. Here is some thoughts:

- The detailed environment will be cut out in favor to an intence fog. It will allow to make the background less distracting. Also some silhouettes of environment props will make the background less monotone and will help the player to get a better perception of the space by being some kind of orientational clues. Also such an approach will drastically reduce the amount of art- and modelling-related work.

- The game will be devided in several locations. Each one will have a unique visual style and an additional gameplay mechanic. Right now I have ideas for up to ten different locations but the first release will include only two of them - a swamp and a snowstorm.

3. The current build has the following changes:

- Game logic and performance autotests are introduces (figure 1). They are not really affect the end-user experience but help me a lot to be sure I haven't introduced any performance degradation or bugs compared to a previous build or to objectively assess an efficiency of new performance optimization attempt. Also I think to collect information about how well (in terms of time) the AI do on different end-user devices.


Figure 1. Results of automatic AI tests - consistency and performance are mesured

- I've started to implement a fog but there is nothing valuable to share in this domaing up to this point. Though you can look at the intermediate results in the current build.

- Field view system was refactored to be able to change from one representation to another on the fly. Particularly it's about wheher to display a cealing squares on the top of each columns or to display vertical poles (as in the original real-world game, Starting point.). The art work is still in progress so there is no pretty screenshots in the article.

- I've started to work on controls and camera. The main goal is to make controls more intuitive and get rid of approve button in the right bottom corner and to make camera movements more smooth, intuitive and responsive.


As always, you can check out the alpha build of the game in you (preferably Firefox) browser at[1]


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