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The text below is one of the notes from the StoneDrop development log. If you want a list of only technical articles you can go to the Articles page.
Build a28


New game field animation and environment mockup

- All field-objects-related animations reworked,

- Now the animations doesn't stop the game process, you don't have to wait until a stone finished it's fall (this improvement speeds up tests significantly),

- Fix: no more freezes while the "show possible game endings" prompt is on,

- Now the "show possible game endings" reports the current computation progress,

- Now it's possible to undo last turn even after the results window appeared,

- And a lot of small improvements.


There won't be any new in a couple of weeks. After that I think I'll improve the Story section (there will be interesting levels with easy-to-hard difficulty ordering).


The build for desktop browsers was updated:[1]


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