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The text below is one of the notes from the StoneDrop development log. If you want a list of only technical articles you can go to the Articles page.
Build a15


New stones materials

- New stones materials created (you can check them all by changing the shapes of the stones in the "Custom Game" menu);

- Now it's possible to change stone's size to ease the game perception (gif 1) (UPD May 2016: it's in the in-game settings menu now, "Visualization" section, icon with two circles of different sizes);


Gif 1. Stone size changing for better game situation perception

- Now it's possible to zoom in the field (gif 2). UPD May 2016: use double-click to trigger the zoom. Don't release the second click to stay in the zoomed state.


Gif 2. You can zoom in the field by a double-tap (double-click)


WebGL build was updated, you can check it out on the web-site:[1]


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