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The text below is one of the notes from the StoneDrop development log. If you want a list of only technical articles you can go to the Articles page.

Simple model and basic view for the game was created. Right now it's possible to play human vs. human on one device. The board and game configurations are adjustable but only in the editor :)


Gif 1. Field appearance and selected cell highlighting


Gif 2. Typical game situation before the end of standard 4x4x4 game. The goal is to make a line of four stones of your color

Right now it's hard to perceive the game situation in some cases when there is a lot of stones on the board, but I have some ideas about how to facilitate the 3D visual perception.

Another news: I've switched to version 5.3.1f of Unity3d, so WebGL build is working now. It will be available for the public when I'll create my own web-site.

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