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The text below is one of the notes from the StoneDrop development log. If you want a list of only technical articles you can go to the Articles page.


- The game will be a modification of 3D tic-tac-toe on sticks

- It will be possible to deviate from standard 4x4 flat field and customize initial field size and shape, initial game state and cell heights

- It will be possible to customize requirement for winning. Standard is: 4 stones in a row

- It will be possible to customize turn queue (for example to allow more turns for player on early levels to simplify the game against AI)

- Additional blocks: multi-color stones, occupied cells (ground), color-switch blocks, etc.

- Time limitations for human player



- 3D world

- Stones of different shape and color for different players

- Field is an island on a water

- Multiple visual settings: tropical island in a water, volcanic island in a lava, snow island on the ice surface, etc.


Gameplay options:

- Tutorial - simple levels to show basic mechanics

- Story - levels with increasing complexity and non-standard game options against AI (various field shapes, initial positions, turn queues, additional blocks, etc.)

- Versus AI - select unlocked or created field and game options and play custom game against AI

- Versus Player - select unlocked or created field and game options and play custom game with your friend on one device

- Level editor - create your own fields or game options for custom games



- AI player of different levels of complexity

- Ability to "stretch" world in horizontal directions to see the field more clearly

- Ability to "x-ray" the field to get more clear view of what is happening in the occluded area

- Ability to turn on two (across horizontal axes) reflections behind the island


Monetization - one of the following approaches:

- Free app with advertisement with in-app-purchase to disable it

- Fixed cost application

- Free app with in-app-purchases: custom stone shapes and colors, additional story levels, level editor


Maybe later (not in the first release):

- Replays recording for all story games and optionally for custom games

- Share your levels

- Share your replays

- Play a custom game via the Internet


On the figure 1 there is a sketch with basic technical vocabulary for a prototype build.


Figure 1. Prototype draft

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