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The text below is one of the notes from the StoneDrop development log. If you want a list of only technical articles you can go to the Articles page.
Starting point

About me: I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I've got masters degree in computational physics in 2015 in SPbSU. I have 1.5 years experience of commercial game development in a big company and three unfinished independent projects (all are in team, one of them is still alive, but I've done almost all work required from me). Now I have some savings and resources which allow me to devote myself to this project for about 4 months. This time it will be completely individual project, that's why I've chosen so simple (regarding art-style) game.


Idea: couple of days ago I've remembered a great time-killer from the high-school times when I was attending math/physics competitions and math/physics camps: 3d tic-tac-toe on sticks (it looked almost like on the photos below). Two players (white and black) try to form a 4-stones straight line of their color: it can be parallel to the cube edge or diagonal across a plane which is parallel to the cube face or it can be a cube's diagonal. It's a turn-based game, each stone goes on top of one of the previous stones or on the ground cell if it's not occupied.



- Publish first version of the game on Google Store before my 25th birthday (two months left)

- Implement all main features (will be described in the next post)

- Write interesting (both for programmers and players) details of the development process in the devlog regularly


Resources for this project:

- 4-8 hours each working day

- Skills: Unity3d, C#, some experience with CG shading language, Git

- Software: Unity3d 5.0, Windows, Git, Blender, Mac (Hack?) for iOS builds

- Some working solutions from previous projects

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