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Talk about rendering optimizations in Narcos mobile game (RU)

Usefull talk (RUS) at Unity User Group SPb 2016 about Unity tips and tricks to speed up rendering on mobiles from developers of Narcos mobile game.


Video 1

Main points:

- use Matcap shaders in case your camera is not rotating and you do not care a lot about specular highlihgts

- avoid alpha-channel (not all Andoroid devices support it) or non-square textures (not all iOS devices sopport it) when compressing textures

- TextureType NormalMap - may be improved with custom shaders

- additional camera and a RenderTexture may be used to speed up realtime shadows rendering for a flat floor

- to avoid SkinMesh animation performance overhead you can use vertex animations (meshes replacement each frame) for small objects especially if they are present in great quantity in a frame. The only limit is RAM size

- Static Batching may be outperformed by custom script which actually combine several meshes into one. Also you can get rid of unnecessary information (tangents, normals) during the combining. It also may be performed in runtime (at loading) to decrease scene or bundle size. This technique is especially good for top-down games where whole map is always in a frame

- for fast special effects it's possible to use vertex animations and avoid using particles

- somtimes you can replace special effect with particles by a simple mesh (combination of planes) and tricky bill-board-like shader

- you can "merge" multiple similar particle systems into one global and use it's API to spawn particles at specified positions and with specified initial velocities to decrease particles GPU overhead

- a couple of non-trivial usages of Vertex-colors

- Signed distance field approach for UI ([1])


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